Nice to meet you! I'm Rebecca Lang.

All of us are hit with unexpected events during our lifetime. I recently joined the sandwich generation, caring for my family while also planning for the care of an older parent. Downsizing and transitioning a parent into assisted living is mentally, emotionally, and physically overwhelming. Where do you start? In an instant, I had to decide what to keep, sell, donate, and move while also helping my mother cope with the changes. I also became Power of Attorney, responsible for her financial and medical decisions. Fortunately, my home was already organized. It was often quite dirty during that time, but it remained functional and neat. This allowed me to care for my family while managing what felt like a thousand things at once, including coping with my own emotions.

I created Essential Home Organization because my story is not unique. Many people are being pulled in too many directions with work, family, and aging parents. Rather than having a place to escape and recharge, their homes are centers of endless disorganization and stress because many individuals lack the time or the skills needed to create and maintain order. Many solutions such as self-help books, blogs, and articles are ridiculously long, incomplete, or force one method of organization on their reader. As a designer, I created plans that are comprehensive, efficient, and most importantly, flexible. Because life is busy, hectic, and often very demanding, I like the “get to the point” approach. The goal is to create order. If everything is tossed into a bin, labeled, and placed on a shelf, you still know where to find it and it functions. We all have different needs. How much order is enough? Enough is what makes life easier for you.

Time passes so quickly. I sincerely hope the Getting Started and Change of Address Workbooks helps you manage your household more efficiently. And if you need just a little organization help, choose one of the worksheets to help you get the job done. The biggest goal is create more quality time to share with the people you cherish the most. 

Best wishes! 

Rebecca Lang


Education: Bachelor of Science, College of Engineering, Landscape Architecture, The Ohio State University 1999. Over 20 years of interior and exterior design work.